XML Technologies Tutorial

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[apps1pro.com] XML Technologies Tutorial

May not you know, XML technology belong to information representation technology, appeared from the needs and the problem must solve of the exchange of information, have the research scope and the application on all the model of information representation technology, have the direction to research allow apply a model information processing belong to information processing technology.


With mission provide more information as well as knowledge for user, XML Technologies Tutorial app was born on system apps1pro.com. This app was summarize basic knowledges related to XML technology. This app is free, you can download refer now.

When downloading the application on the device, you will be studied:

  •   - Learn AIML
  •   - Learn DOM
  •   - Learn DTD
  •   - Learn ebXML
  •   - Learn Java XML
  •   - Learn WSLD
  •   - Learn XPath
  •   - Learn Xquery
  •   - Learn XSD
  •   - Learn XSLT
  • …..




Main Feature:

  •   - Totally Free
  •   - Suitable for Android
  •   - The content presented clearly and fully
  •   - The beautiful interface, quick operation
  •   - The small capacity

What are you waiting, quickly download and install XML Technologies Tutorial now. Good luck.


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