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Telecom or telecommunication has become a basic needs of modern society nowadays and it seems can't to lack. It is important but because of some reason that many people in the world unknown the meaning as well as the role that telecom brought.

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Continue the previous post, today, Oplai group will send for you a new free application called Telecom Tutorials. The application is free and now available on Google Play - The Android store app world's largest.

This is synthesize knowledge related to Telecom, when you download and install this app on your smart devices, you will be study as well as investigate on the 5G, CDMA, GPRSGSM, ... and also much more. The knowledge is infinite, so be always update new knowledge to serve for the life of you.



EBooks for Telecom


  •    - General knowledges in an application
  •    - Download once use forever
  •    - Presenting clear and easy to understand
  •    - Provide adequate information, content needed
  •    - Totally Free
  •    - The small capability
  •    - Can be used in offline mode

What are you waiting, quickly download and install Telecom Tutorials now. Good luck

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