Super submarine

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[Game] Super submarine

Super submarine is a single player game but challenging time. Beautifully designed game, use a small, runs well on most versions of Android.

Get it now falls to try to conquer the super submarine.

+ Gameplay:
First you install the game for free. When playing, you touch the screen to go forward and do submarine surfaced submarines.
You pay attention to avoid dangerous obstacles foreign objects because if you touch it, the submarine will be broken and not go further.
You have to make it live again if you want to maintain some point you have to be revived you to purchase items in the store revived or can get the collision on the items while playing.
You need to actively work on the coin because the more the more you will buy a lot of items in the stores and upgrade submarines, with milestones to achieve high scores will be rewarded with a lot of coins.

+ In the Shop: Will provide you with the necessary items for the expedition, including protective shields, acceleration, remove foreign objects dangerous obstacles, revive your submarine and upgrade a different submarines.

Wish you have moments of fun relaxing with superior submarines.    


 Super submarine game

 Super submarine

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