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[App] Learn Math For Kids

Learn Math For Kids

Are your kids not good in maths? Are your kids need improvements? Learn Math For Kids present World simplest and best Maths learning app Maths Practice. Maths Practice provide Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division functionality


Learn Math For Kids is free game on the store Oplai. This game is for kids. Game math for kids has simple interface, help them to familiarize with math knowledge. I sure they will like it.
Come game, kid’s mission is choose true answer. Each level, game have 3 picture for each true answer, try to choose true. The more a lot choose true answer, the more high score.
Your kid will to familiarize with the number, learn to count,... The images is very beautiful, the soundtrack is funny, they will like.
Simple interface
Soundtrack lively
Familiarize with the number from 0 to 9, learn to count,...
Help kids to develop comprehensively
Free absolutely
For Android devices

Learn Math For Kids

Learn Math For Kids

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Enjoy it!

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