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Welcome to store app apk Oplai Group, where you can do lots of things like find and install a lot of apps, games funny; watch lots of the documentation or reference material of other theme as C#, Android, VB.NET, C, PHP,...  With Oplai, you can learn, play game to cut down stress. Continue the previous post, today, I introduce for you one a new app named Tutorial Database.  This app is free, suitable for many people, especially the students, the future programming.


This app like a small library, it includes all knowledge of database with other theme as CouchDB, MySQL, SQLite,…..., help you know much new knowledge. You will study general knowledge like the concept, the environment, the activities way, create database, create table, delete database, ... This knowledge designed, presented the simple but the complete, easy to understand. I sure you will feel this app like a roving mini library of yourself.

This app help you not only learn better but also like a small handbook help remember easily knowledges. It is quite convenient, right?




In addition, content of app presented clear, the simple interface, the quick manipulation, particularly very small capacity, you absolutely can safely download and install Tutorial Database for the smart device of yourself.

If you feel this app is very good then you could rate 5 star and support for us. On the contrary, if it has error, you could feedback below or send mail for us, we will repair error, help this application is become ever more perfect in the eyes of users.

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