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Similarly, such as MS Office, but cheaper. KS Office tutorial is an Office suite free with similar functions MS Office.
MACHINE program includes Office MACHINE writer text editor, spreadsheet MACHINEnature, presenting MACHINE made.




The program supports all popular file formats and is compatible with MS Office.
What you will learn:
*Level 1 tutorial:
1. office for android
2. Use Cloud Fonts
3. Cancel the Password of an Encrypted Document
4. insert a bookmark in android office
5. Kingsoft PPT Shareplay for iOS
6. Use Cloud Fonts Service
7. Recovery History documents with Kingsoft History Service
8. Cloud History Service, Cloud Fonts
9. copy text between Android and PC
10. view PowerPoint presentations on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
1. switch between multiple documents using office app for Android
12. Zoom PPT Slides in and out on Android Devices
*Level 2 tutorial:
1. Add Bullet and Numbered List to PPT Slides on Android Device
2. Change Page Setup of Word Document on Android Device
3. Change Paragraph Alignment of Word Document on Android Device
4. Insert and Edit Text Box in PPT on Android Device
5. Change Text Direction in PPT files on Android Device
6. Change Font Style in Word Document on Android Device
7. Protect a Workbook on Android Devices
8. Edit Shapes in PPT on Android
9. Insert Page Number into Word Document on Android Device
10. Insert Picture into Word Document on Android Device
*Level 3 tutorial:
1. Can I Save the Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF on my Android Device
2. Copy Documents from PC to Android device
3. Insert Comment in Spreadsheet on Android Devices
4. Insert a Hyperlink in Spreadsheet on Android Device
5. Read PDF files on Android Mobile Tablet
6. Sync Clipboard Text between PC and Android Device
7. Transfer Files from Android Phone to PC by Kingsoft Office
8. Transfer Office Files Between USB Storage and Android Device
9. Use the Volume Key of Android Device to Turn Pages of Docs
10. The Most Amazing Feature of Kingsoft Office for Android Share Play
11. I Merge and Split Cells in Android Spreadsheets
12. I convert Word files to PDF document on Android
*Level 4 tutorial:
1. Add WebDav Service to Android Office Cloud Storage List
2. Distribute Your Office Docs On The Go Using Cloud Storage
3. Print Office Files in Android Mobile Tablet with Cloud Print
4. Use PDF Read Memory in Kingsoft Office for Android Mobile Tablet
5. add comments and handwrite comments on your Android Office
6. switch languages for Android office Free
7. update Kingsoft Office for Android to the latest version
8. use Night Reading mode on your Android phone
9. wrap text in a cell for Spreadsheets with Kingsoft Android Office
10. Kingsoft Office for Android Tutorial Install and Uninstall
1. Have a Professional Office Solution for Your Android
12. I Save and Edit Document in Android Devices
13. Install Office Apps to an Android phone
*Level 5 tutorial:
1. I add new tabs to Excel sheets
2. I uninstall office apps on Android
3. Install Kingsoft Office Reader for Android
4. add a desktop widget
5. select a cell range quickly
6. select adjacent cells
Learn Kingsoft Office: http://tutorial-all.org

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